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A video I made just for this

Ivanka share

I recorded this video to illustrate how I look and sound on professional video calls. I am interested in any suggestions you might have to improve my video presence.

  • I would look at your framing. You are low and far away in the frame. I would suggest thinking about thirds. Your eyes should be on the top third line of the frame. i can send you a framer if you'd like rabbidavidp(4)


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    Hello, I have added comments, so now it should be possible to share this framer!

    – Michael (12:54, May 26 2022)

    Thanks @rabbidavidp - a framer would be really helpful.

    – Ivanka (10:00, May 27 2022)
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  • Is there a way to get more light on you and (relatively) less on what's behind you? Either by rotating to face the window or with a nice big fill-light (tricky with reflections on glasses though). Michael(2)


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    This office is a very small room and things fit in quite neatly which means that moving the furniture around is a bit tricky. How do we feel about doors in the background?

    – Ivanka (10:01, May 27 2022)
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