Video Pencil

Draw on anything on your iPad.

Camera • Photos • Videos • NDI Feeds

  • Stand out on Zoom & Teams by drawing on your webcam
  • Enhance remote and classroom teaching by sketching diagrams
  • Annotate any video from your library

Draw on your webcam

See exactly where you're drawing with OBS or Ecamm Live over NDI.

Live stream or bring your virtual camera into Zoom and Teams.

The easiest way to use Video Pencil with Zoom & Teams

The easiest way (on Mac) is with Ecamm Live. For two months free Ecamm Live Pro, use the code videopencil.

In the classroom

With an iPad and an Apple TV you can show your students exactly what you're doing, close-up.

Video: Using Video Pencil with an Apple TV

Live Titles

When you're in full flow, there's no need to stop and slowly write text.

Just draw a line, say what you want it to say, hold for a moment, and your text appears.

The text will automatically fit the length of your line, so you can go as small or big as you like.

Using Live Titles in Video Pencil

Made for  Pencil

Video Pencil was designed from the ground up to work seamlessly with  Pencil.

You'll get all the tilt and pressure-sensitive lines, responsiveness and precision you expect.

A quick tour of Video Pencil's toolbar

Take people through a video

Load any video from your library, play or pause and scrub to the perfect moment.

Then just start drawing.

▶️ How to load videos ▶️ Advanced media handling features

Connect with Anything

You can connect Video Pencil over HDMI to any Mac, PC or video hardware.

Connect with AirPlay to any Mac, PC or Apple TV.

You can connect directly over USB to any Mac.

And Video Pencil can send and receive NDI feeds. This means you can connect it to any number of professional and consumer video hardware and software devices.

▶️ How to connect to OBS or Ecamm Live

▶️ How to connect to mimoLive

Battery and performance

Video Pencil uses Metal throughout to get the most out of your iPad's GPU for the best possible performance.

Medical Teaching

Watch eye surgeon Jim Innes use Video Pencil with a magnetic table system for teaching.

Video Pencil for Medical Teaching

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