Shoot - Pro Webcam for Mac & PC

Shoot gives you a rock-solid connection to your iOS device’s camera with no overlays, letting you use your phone’s fantastic camera for meetings and live streams.

Already using Shoot? Check out the Shoot Guides and User Manual

Connect to your computer over USB1, HDMI or AirPlay and stream live from Ecamm, OBS, Zoom or other streaming or meeting apps, for a professional-looking live stream.

Shoot is used thousands of times every month for everything from live music, DJ sets, podcasts, gaming and webinars, to church services, in classrooms, for sports, art, crafting, and even bingo, magic shows, puppet shows and drag shows.

This means that no scenario has slipped through the cracks - whatever you’re shooting live, we’ve got you covered.


Who likes Shoot?

Easy to set up

Lightning to USB (Mac Only)

If you’re using a Mac, just plug in over USB and you’ll have a Video Capture Device available to Ecamm, OBS and QuickTime.

IMPORTANT: Do Not Disturb is essential when connecting over USB on a Mac if you don’t want people to see your text messages!2 Before you go live, pull down from the top-right corner of your screen to reveal Control Center and toggle the little "moon" icon


If you have an HDMI Capture Card and an adapter(3) you can connect to a Mac or Windows like any other device with HDMI output.


Or you could connect wirelessly over via AirPlay.

In fact, with a £15 desktop app you can connect multiple cameras wirelessly and even switch between them automatically!

YouTube Video: Connecting multiple cameras and switching automatically

Why is Shoot’s Connection So Reliable?

With native Screen Mirroring your device’s operating-system (OS) is responsible for keeping Shoot‘s video connection strong and stable.

The OS is able to access system resources in a way that a sandboxed third-party app cannot4.

Streaming high-definition video is a resource-intensive activity and without the special privileges apps that don’t use native Screen Mirroring have the odds stacked against them!

This is why apps that create their own USB connection to an OBS plugin, or broadcast over NDI are inherently prone to instability, high latency, freezes, crashes, lost connections and other random problems.

That’s why Shoot just lets the OS do what it does best and then gets out of the way.

And as a bonus this means that Shoot lets you use any old iOS devices5 you might have kicking around, since they all do Screen Mirroring really well!

Not to mention that you’re not roped-into using only desktop apps with a plugin available. So you can use it with Ecamm!

Shoot vs others

When would you use Shoot vs Epoccam, Camo or Filmic Pro?

Shoot vs Epoccam Epoccam is free but it doesn’t use the Apple native screen mirroring connection and hence is less reliable.

Shoot vs Filmic Pro Filmic is designed for filming things. Streaming support was bolted-on later and hence is hidden in a menu somewhere. Shoot is designed for streaming and doesn’t include unnecessary to live broadcasting, and the user interface is much clearer as a result.

Shoot vs Camo Even if you have Camo you might still use Shoot to add a wireless or HDMI camera for another device. Shoot doesn’t require any additional desktop software. Shoot is useful without a computer - for example when streaming video to an Apple TV in a classroom or to projector as part of a live music show.

Shoot Shoot - Pro Webcam for Mac & PC
Webcam for streaming via Ecamm, OBS or other desktop meeting and streaming apps.

Tweets and Reviews

The advantage of making a great streaming app is that streamers with enormous followings around the world are prone to tweeting about it. Here are a few tweets about or mentioning Shoot - Pro Webcam.

There are also some pretty good reviews in the App Store.

Shoot Shoot - Clean Camera Feed
Webcam for streaming via Ecamm, OBS or other desktop meeting and streaming apps.

“The best app to turn your iPhone into a webcam by far!” - Talks Of Our Time Podcast

“Fantastische Software! Die Software und vor allen die Wissensdatenbank dahinter ist richtig klasse! Wenn man sein iPhone als professionelle Webcam einsetzen will ist das der Hammer! Unbedingt das Tutorial mit der kostenlosen OBS Software ausprobieren! Damit eröffnen sich ungeahnte Möglichkeiten. Jeden Cent wert! Vielen Dank an den Enwickler!” (Translation) - Zahn–Rat

“Essential app for educators - Best app for my use case, streaming a clean HDMI feed from my iPad Pro into a Blackmagic Design Atem Mini as a webcam in zoom meetings. Only app that can also turn off the display while streaming video through the USB port to save battery. Developer is super responsive and friendly!” - 0301chris

“I love this app - Fantastic app, with very clear guidance and instructions. The developer is super responsive - clearly this app is getting continued love!” - streamstress

“I looked everywhere for a clean feed to mirror for streaming to Mac, TV, etc.. This is everything I needed and it is so simple and so hard to find! Thanks.” - Longslide13

“Essential app! - I’ve been using Shoot off and on for the past year for live-streaming but it wasn’t until the developer added the option to output the camera feed via clean HDMI that I was completely sold. Special props to the developer for fixing an issue I had with output within a matter of a couple days. Now that is what I call costumer support! Highly recommended.“ - RudyCaseres


  • Gestures allow focus locking, zooming without triggering overlays

  • Overlays disappear so you can mirror the camera on your device’s screen

  • Full manual control of ISO, Shutter Speed, EV± Exposure Bias, Manual Focus, White Balance Lock and Color Temperature so you can tweak the picture to your liking

  • Guides to help you get set up on Mac and PC

  • Supports older devices - iOS 12 and newer

  • Battery-saving mode when mirroring over HDMI or AirPlay so your phone doesn’t get hot

  • 60fps, vertical video - whatever you need is probably in Settings

  • Disable image stabilisation if your kick drum is causing the camera to judder

  • Apple Watch App for switching cameras, controlling zoom, exposure, focus and white balance so you can adjust the picture from where you’re sitting or standing

  • Virtual Green Screen creates a chroma-key based on your camera’s depth sensor so you don’t need a real-life green screen

  • Portrait Effect gives you a bit of fake depth-of-field

Shoot Pro Subscription

For additional features you can subscribe for “Premium Updates”. Features that were created up until the end of your subscription will be unlocked forever.

PSST: Don’t tell anyone I said this but this means if there’s a feature you like the look of, you can subscribe to unlock it, immediately cancel your subscription, and keep that feature forever!

Here’s what we’ve got so far.

Premium Update: Drawing

When I heard that Shoot was being used for live workshops and in classrooms, I thought it might be cool to be able to draw over the video to point things out and do little sketches.

Draw over footage with Shoot's virtual whiteboard

Premium Update: Pause

Sometimes you want to pause the video before you start drawing on it.

Or you might be building a guide and want to take freeze-frames along the way without all your stream overlays covering things up.

Or something else I haven’t thought of!

Premium Update: Grids

A grid overlay is a simple but effective way to make your footage look more professional. It’s just easier to line everything up. A grid is nice if you want to avoid wonky shots like this!

Shout Out To Ecamm Academy

Adrian Salisbury has been a vocal proponent of Shoot and as a result of his recommendation, I have been able to work on it full time and pull out all the stops to make it the best streaming camera app out there.

If you need help getting started with your first live stream, Adrian might have just what you need.

Don’t be a nervous wreck on-stream

An unreliable camera means you’ll be on-edge when you’re live. If your camera keeps crashing you’ll lose viewers. You’ll be grumpy so new viewers won’t stick around.

Shoot helps you create a high quality, reliable stream, so you can be in high spirits, entertaining a quickly-growing audience.

Don’t keep your colleagues waiting

When you have a work call, you don’t want to be fiddling around with unreliable connections, starting late after technical difficulties, crashing and disappearing halfway through a sentence. You want the best possible connection so you’ll look great and get a promotion.

Don’t let your stream get boring

Even if you’re using top-of-the-line broadcast AV equipment, Shoot lets you easily add extra camera angles.

Ready to get started?

It’s pretty cheap - you can try OBS for free, get Shoot in the App Store, and then you just need some sort of microphone and you’re ready to go!

Here’s the app store link, right here!

Shoot Shoot - Pro Webcam for Mac & PC
Webcam for streaming via Ecamm, OBS or other desktop meeting and streaming apps.

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Shoot used to be called “Shoot - Clean Camera Feed”

  1. If you are using a Mac, you can plug in via USB and apps like Ecamm and OBS will be able to see your device as a Video Capture Device. However, on Windows you’ll need to connect over HDMI via a capture device or via AirPlay with an app like AirServer.

  2. It’s not possible for Shoot to enable Do Not Disturb automatically, or even to tell you that it’s not switched on. This is because there would be privacy implications to allowing third-party apps to access this information, according to a commenter on this thread

  3. Pro tip from Jofamo: If you have an iPad Pro with a USB-C connector, you don’t have to buy an expensive Lightning to USB adapter, you can use something like this.

  4. Of course, even with a native connection things can sometimes go awry (like I said, video streaming is hard!) but usually a quick restart or system update will fix the problem.

  5. Devices that support iOS 12 and newer are supported: everything after the iPhone 5S, iPad Air 1st Gen, iPad 5th Generation.

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