Control iPhone Camera with Stream Deck Last Updated 23 August 2022 by Michael Forrest

Shoot is a web cam app that you can control from any web browser. Here is how you can use it with your Stream Deck or any other remote control hardware or software or website or anything that can open a link.

Get Shoot

How to create presets and add to your Stream Deck

  1. Connect your device to Squares TV as per the instructions here.

  2. Go to Shoot Controls

  3. Edit your camera configuration - you can adjust focus, shutter, ISO etc… and if you set the zoom you’ll have the option to toggle “smooth”

  4. Hit “Save new +” to add a preset

  5. Load a preset in the browser with the “LOAD” button

  6. Overwrite or delete presets with the icons to the right

  7. Copy the web link for a preset into a Website button on your Stream Deck and check “GET request in background”

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