Here is a List of Things That Are Squares Last Updated 05 August 2021 by Michael Forrest

TLDR: Everything once it goes on the computer.

1. Pixels

Pictures are made of pixels. And videos are made of pictures. So everything you see is made of squares.

2. Audio Waveforms

If you zoom in close enough, the waveforms are all square.

3. Instagram Posts

Instagram posts are square.

I will admit that some Instagram posts are rectangular. That’s why Squares TV is inclusive of rectangles. Which means that we can also add:

4. YouTube Videos, TikTok Posts and Twitch Streams

You will be turned into a rectangle when you post on these platforms. There’s no way around this.

TIP The secret to getting famous is to turn as many things as possible into squares so that you can put them on the internet.

5. Anything else you put on a computer

It’s all ones and zeros and these can be conceptualised as little square boxes if you think about it.

This all makes perfect sense

Don’t try to persuade me otherwise, I’ve already bought the domain name.

Welcome to SQUARES.TV babyyyy!

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