About June 2021

Are you showcasing your talent in the best-possible light?

Does the quality of your latest YouTube, TikTok or Instagram video do your work justice?

If you’ve made something amazing, or you have something to say, or you want to teach others, you don’t want shoddy video production getting in the way.

This means you can’t just film on your phone!

It’s time to take things to the next level.

But where to start?


My name is Michael Forrest

I make music, I make videos, do live streams and record a weekly podcast. I have a knack for computers and spent many years as a professional software developer and digital creative.

SQUARES started as my club night back in 2013. I liked the idea that everything can be made from squares - pixels, voxels, samples; everything can be pulled apart and put back together from those little bits and bytes.

I saw some incredible artists on that stage. But I realised that only a lucky few people would ever experience their work unless I could help them create high quality videos to put online.

Not like this!

Here’s what my videos looked like at the time. This is horrible. The shakiness, the low fidelity, the colour, the exposure, the framing, the terrible, terrible audio…

When started playing live music on Twitch I had a different set of problems, and still my video production quality was awful.

So I bit the bullet and raised my game

I was on a budget but I started improving the quality piece by piece. I got some lighting, I tried a GoPro, I got a DSLR, I tried different lenses. I tried different audio hardware, projections, equipment stands, wires (so many different wires). There was a lot to learn but I got better.

I built my own software like a chat bot that let people applaud or boo, and Shoot - a camera app that lets you stream the video feed from your phone.

I started using what I’d learned to create better YouTube videos and before long I had produced this viral hit for my friend Graham Dunning (who had also been the first person to play my club night!).

Shooting Mechanical Techno

It’s a weird project but this video has had millions of views!

So you know I’ve had some success with this, but can I explain it? I guess you can see for yourself with this video from my “Leaving The Laptop” YouTube series which has already helped thousands of people.

I want to help you produce better content.

This goes way beyond choosing the right camera (though I’ll help with that too).

  • Recording good video footage
  • Getting the best audio
  • Live streaming
  • Podcasting
  • Editing
  • Motion graphics
  • Production workflow tools
  • Productivity support - help with procrastination and consistency
  • How to create your own software tools to make your computer work harder for you
  • Mental health tools to help when things go badly (or too well!)

And I’ll be publishing interviews with other creators because there is always more to learn.

Whatever your skill level, from beginner to industry professional, I have something for you, so I hope you’ll stick around!

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