Fixing Twitch Clips With No Audio When Imported Into Final Cut Pro X Last Updated 05 August 2021 by Michael Forrest

This is a command line trick to make sure the Twitch clips you download will have audio when you import them into FCPX.

Downloading the clips

Display developer tools and select the Network tab. Reload the page, right click on the one row that appears and select “Open in new tab”. This will download the video. Note that this only works with clips, not longer content like highlights. Downloading a clip from Twitch in Chrome using Developer Tools

The problem in FCPX

When you load the clip into Final Cut, it won’t have audio (even if it does when you open it in Quicktime). Where is the audio? It's gone!

Getting set up

You’ll want ffmpeg set up on the command line.

Re-encoding all your mp4 files

I keep my Downloads folder clear but you might want to do this in a different folder if you don’t.

cd ~/Downloads
for f in *.mp4; do mv $f /tmp; ffmpeg -i /tmp/$f $f; done

This takes each .mp4 file, moves it to /tmp and then uses the simplest possible ffmpeg command to re-encode it back into the current folder.