The easy way to use your iPad or iPhone as a telestrator

So what is a telestrator? Well, it’s a thing they use in sports to illustrate a point. I don’t know anything about sports, but I have made a telestrator.

With Shoot you can draw on the screen. That that’s basically what a telestrator is for.

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So when would you use this? Well, let’s say you just wanted to make a point. You might want to draw a molecule or something, so it’s quite useful to have something up there while you talk.

You can plug your iPad or iPhone straight into your Mac over USB but that does mean you’ll see the overlays reflected onto the screen. It’s better if you plug through HDMI or AirServer - connecting wirelessly is actually actually works really well. But otherwise HDMI through an ATEM Mini or something like that. This will work well with a Mac or PC.

Get started

Just tap the drawing icon - the little squiggly drawing tool. You can select a colour and just draw directly on top of whatever’s coming through to the camera.

And if you wanted to do the back camera, you can switch the cameras.


Say you were drawing something a bit more complex and you double-tapped to clear the picture. If you did do that by accident, you can tap undo.

Darken background

Let’s say your background’s quite light or there’s quite a lot going on, like in my background, there’s another icon here which lets you just fade everything out and then you can really draw a clear picture. And double tapping will just bring everything back again.


It might be quite hard to draw without the camera moving about, but there’s a pause button on the left, or you can just do a two-finger tap.

Double tap to clear, double-tap again, and you’ll be back.

Dots are HDMI/AirPlay-only

There’s this one last little gotcha. If you do try and tap to draw a dot, that’s not going to work when you’re connected over USB, because the tap is what hides and reveals the controls.

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