Meet Paul Dakeyne for a Twitch DJ Stream Production Masterclass Last Updated 09 October 2021 by Michael Forrest

Paul Dakeyne is a veteran producer and club DJ who performs every week, live on Twitch. His DJ skills are flawless, the music’s always fun and his stream sounds and looks fantastic.

I started joining Paul’s streams when he answered the quiz in my camera app and after a couple of conversations I realised I could learn a lot by talking to him.

In this interview we focused on Paul’s live rig - his DJ tools and audio pipeline, all the cameras and lighting, how his visuals work and how he manages to control everything while he’s playing.

Check out the Squares TV Podcast for the extended 1 hour interview (we talk about Mixcloud vs Twitch, and offer some advice on how to start out as a streaming DJ and generally go into more detail on everything). You can see this as a video via Patreon.

Paul’s Rig


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