How to Jam on Michael's Twitch Streams Last Updated 14 October 2021 by Michael Forrest

Michael uses Endlesss as part of his live streams so that you can join in on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. Here's how.

How do I join in?

  1. Get Endlesss (available on iOS or macOS)
  2. Join the jam with this link to the jam.
  3. Play something and catch it as a loop - it will come straight through to the live stream!

Tap this little bar in the app to trap a loop

What is Endlesss?

Endlesss lets people all over the world play music together.

There are built-in synthesizers and drum machines, or you can use your microphone or audio interface.

Here’s how it looks on your phone.

You can chat within the app, play, record and mix “rifffs”.