More ways to connect Shoot Pro Webcam to your computer or anything else Last Updated 29 April 2022 by Michael Forrest

Here are some more ways you can use Shoot.


Twitch App, StreamLabs OBS and other variants

Did you know that these other apps are all based on the same source code as the freely available OBS Studio? This means that any guides on pertaining to OBS will also work with these other apps.

Shoot + OBS Guides

You can also

  • … wirelessly connect Shoot to an Apple TV plugged into a TV or an HDMI interface to your computer
  • … use Shoot with an IRL Backpack (in fact, I worked with @botezlive to optimise this functionality)

You can’t

  • … use Shoot with FaceTime or other Mac apps that do not allow virtual cameras
  • … connect Shoot over USB to a Windows machine without an HDMI interface

Contact me

I need to make more guides but I usually wait for somebody to ask. If there’s a way you’d like to use Shoot that I haven’t covered, please email me or use the green chat button down below.

– Michael

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