Using Shoot with StreamYard on macOS Last Updated 04 May 2022 by Michael Forrest

To use Shoot with StreamYard you can create a virtual camera for free using OBS or you can install webcam driver.

Option 1. Using the webcam driver

You can download a macOS driver that will make Shoot show up as a camera within Streamyard in your browser.

Download USB Driver

Option 2. Using Streamyard via OBS

This will give you more options than the first method.

First download OBS for free.

1. Connect iPhone to OBS

Plug in your iPhone, launch OBS and add a new Video Capture Device for your iPhone.

  • Add a new Video Capture Device.
  • You can rename this if you want
  • Select your connected iPhone and press OK

2. Launch Shoot

Launch Shoot and you should see yourself!

 You can switch cameras with the number buttons.

3. Adjust Camera

4. Start Virtual Camera

Click the “Start Virtual Camera” button. You may need to enter your password the first time.

5. Select Virtual Camera in StreamYard

Click Settings in StreamYard and select “OBS Virtual Camera” to see yourself.

Select your virtual camera and you're good to go!

If the OBS Virtual Camera doesn’t appear, try restarting your browser.

Good luck!

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