How to map a "Clear Drawing" button on your Stream Deck to Video Pencil from your Mac Last Updated 20 September 2023 by Michael Forrest

With Video Pencil Camera you can map shortcuts on your Mac to Video Pencil on your iPad.

  1. Start by getting Video Pencil Camera (VPC) from the Mac App Store.

  2. Launch the app and show the Shortcuts Sidebar

  1. Allow VPC to connect Video Pencil to your iPad

  2. Find “Clear Drawing” under Video Pencil and right-click -> Copy Deep Link

  3. Create a “Website” button in the Stream Deck editor

  4. Paste the link into the “URL” box

Now it should work!

You can do the same for any of the other controls available through VPC - select different tools, undo, redo or control media playback.


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