How To Use Your iPhone as a Camera for OBS March 2020

Here’s how to connect your iPhone as a camera to OBS on a Mac.

Step 1

Plug iPhone into Mac using a USB to Lightning cable.

Step 2

Add a new Video Capture Device and select your phone under Device.

You should now see your phone’s display mirrored to OBS

Step 3

Download and launch my Shoot app from the App Store.

The Shoot app provides a clean camera feed for mirroring and prevents the phone from going to sleep.

That’s it!

Pro Tip: Set your phone to “Do Not Disturb” so you don’t get any embarrassing notifications while you’re streaming!

Extra credit

If you want to automatically switch between cameras you can use my free script. I include instructions on how to use this in the video below.

Thanks, good luck and tweet me @michaelforrest if you found this useful!

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