Twitch Tools Last Updated 13 October 2023 by Michael Forrest

Free tools for Twitch. Stream profile manager for variety streamers.

Do you stream more than one game and have to set your tags every single time? Here’s a free tool that lets you save and restore stream profiles.

One less headache before you go live. Make sure you watch the video for instructions!

Manage your tags with @squares_bot

You can use @squares_bot to manage your tags with the following commands:

  • !save mytags Saves the currently selected tags into a profile named mytags
  • !tags lists available profiles
  • !tags mytags Sets your stream tags to profile mytags
  • !load mytags Sets tags and title to profile mytags
  • @squares_bot help see this information!

Invite @squares_bot to my channel

Browser-based profile manager

Launch the Stream Profile Manager

IMPORTANT: The tool can’t set your Go Live notification so be sure to check that before you start streaming.

How to use the tool

  1. Log in with Twitch
  2. Hit “Refresh” on the last (or only) tile
  3. Now you can save your stream title, category and tags
  4. Now just click to send it back to Twitch whenever you need to
  5. Always check your “Go Live” message before you hit “Start Streaming” as this can’t be set by the tool (there’s no API as far as I can tell)

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