Beautiful Crafting Demos and Next-Level DJ Streams with Shoot Sent on 01 December 2021 by Michael Forrest

I have three(!) new videos to share with you this week.

The first is the latest interview for Squares TV getting into the details of how Paul Dakeyne produces his DJ streams.

Secondly, I’ve started a new YouTube channel specifically for Shoot tutorials.

1. Meet Paul Dakeyne for a Twitch DJ Stream Production Masterclass

Paul Dakeyne is a veteran producer and club DJ who performs every week, live on Twitch. His DJ skills are flawless, the music’s always fun and his stream sounds and looks fantastic.

Watch the interview

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2. Using your phone as a wireless camera for Ecamm

Did you know it’s easy to connect your phone as a wireless camera to Ecamm Live? This method is more stable than NDI or other wireless connection methods.

3. Shoot Beautiful Overhead Demonstrations

And learn how to fold the perfect origami crane in the process!

Cheers, hope you had a good week and will join me in chat shortly with DJ Dakeyne on Twitch to usher in the weekend!



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