Running Smarter Online Workshops 🎓 Beat Sheet + Ecamm ❤️ Shoot Translated 🇰🇷🇨🇳🇯🇵🇪🇸 Sent on 11 July 2022 by Michael Forrest

I love building things but I’ve fallen behind on my emails. Here’s some stuff I’ve done over the last couple of weeks. We need to talk about the latest Can You See My Screen podcast, Beat Sheet and how Shoot has been translated.

New Can You See My Screen interview

With the help of Ivanka I interviewed Craig and Daniel of Digital Skills Education. They had some great tips on keeping the quality high and minimising risks when running sophisticated live online workshops introducing young people to advanced technical topics.

“I can’t type without typos at the best of times, never mind when I have a hundred 15 year olds watching waiting for me to make a mistake!” – Daniel Devine

We say “these are the topics we’re thinking about covering today. But the secret is, we know what we’ll be talking about, we’re definitely gonna cover all of these topics, but it gives the participants an opportunity to interact and react.” – Craig Steele

Watch the interview

There are more episodes over at

(Mac) Beat Sheet now integrates properly with Ecamm Live

Beat Sheet lets you plan and run live streams and video recordings.

Break down your show into segments with different scenes and prompts. Use with Ecamm Live and your teleprompter to make super-slick live streams and video recordings.

The first version of Beat Sheet was limited in terms of scene selection, but now it connects properly to Ecamm Live so you can find all of your scenes by name.

I made this video showing how I use Beat Sheet to record my video podcasts.

↓ Try Beat Sheet for Free

Shoot is now fully translated into Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese

¡Por fin! ついに!드디어! 最后!

This was quite an undertaking - I had build tools to to organise hundreds of strings and dozens of screenshots to make this happen.

I’ve also been making improvements to the telestrator feature, so watch this space.

Ok that’s everything for now, how are things with you?


Michael Forrest

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