Super-simple titles in Shoot Pro Sent on 11 July 2022 by Michael Forrest

Last week I saw someone struggling to draw labels using their telestrator (or whiteboard or lightboard or whatever we’re calling it!).

This gave me an idea.

What if you could sketch an underline and speak to create a title?

So I tried it out.

And I love it!

So I packed it into an update and now you can use this feature yourself.

Right now.

▶️ Watch the demo video

In other news

Shoot just got a user manual.

I procrastinated over this for a long time but in the end it was pretty easy (I wrote it using which I love).

No longer do you need to dig through miscellaneous videos and blog posts to discover what you can do with the app.

You can access the manual within the app or see the Shoot User Manual here.

Do you want to make a video about Shoot for your channel?

I’m pulling together an affiliate programme (I’m a believer in “everybody gets paid the same” models so it’s likely to be generous).

If you’re making content that lets people know about Shoot, you can create your own referral code and then I’ll see how many people you sent my way (and how much money they spent!).

I share my numbers every Tuesday on Twitter, including information about referrals.

So if you end up sending a load of people my way, this will let me repay you!

All the best

Michael Forrest

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