Can you see my screen? New podcast out today! 🎉 Sent on 11 July 2022 by Michael Forrest

I wanted to share a new project that my friend @ivanka and I have been setting up for the last two or three months. It’s a podcast dedicated to running better workshops, training and meetings online.

The first three episodes came out today!

Can You See My Screen Podcast ➡

Working over remote video means we face many new problems in human interaction. The invisibility of the audience – the quasi-intimacy of a group call, the difficulty of blending in, the loss of social norms experienced by going online. In this introductory episode we get our bearings, find our feet and set the stage for things to come.

Watch & Listen to Episode 1

Doing user research means talking to people you have never met before. Starting those conversations can be hard and it can be especially hard if you are not talking in person. Here are some things you can do to make that a more comfortable experience.

Watch & Listen to Episode 2

Olu Sobanjo does YouTube and video training as Story Sellers Consulting helping people attract their ideal clients, build trust and sell more. We had a warm and enjoyable conversation about building confidence on camera, recording live video and telling great stories.

Watch & Listen to Episode 3

I hope you’ll find something useful here. It’s been hard work figuring everything out but we really want to provide something more useful than our other podcast.

What do you think?

Take care,

Michael Forrest

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