🎁 Birthday Discounts on Shoot, Video Pencil, Beat Sheet and more 🎉 Sent on 04 June 2023 by Michael Forrest

It’s my birthday!

So for the day of June 4th I’m offering a discount of 45% off all my apps and in-app purchases!

So for June 4th only I’m offering a discount of 45%(ish) off all my apps and in-app purchases!

That’s a percent for each year I’ve been on the planet. It’s a long time since I first started making pixels change colour in the late 80’s!

Here’s what’s on offer:

Shoot Pro Webcam

Pro Essentials (“Basic+Pro”) $17.99 $9.99

Telestrator Lifetime $24.99 $13.99

Lifetime Updates $99.99 $59.99

Available in Shoot’s “Upgrades” menu

Shoot Studio (browser remote control) - £19.99/year £10.99/year with discount code BIRTHDAY45

Get Shoot Studio subscription

Video Pencil

Draw on live video on your iPad

Video Pencil Core - $39.99 $24.99

In-app purchase through Video Pencil

Beat Sheet for Mac

Plan and Run Better Presentations and Live Streams. Learn more

£49 £26.95 with discount code BIRTHDAY45

Get Beat Sheet

Deluge Apps

If you have a Synthstrom Deluge I have two apps that make it easier to transfer MIDI sequences and audio files.

Deluge Stems Uploader £25.99 £14.29 with discount code BIRTHDAY45

Deluge MIDI Manager £25.99 £14.29 with discount code BIRTHDAY45

Get the Deluge Apps

Wow, that list took a lot longer to make than I was expecting.

And now I feel like I’m in TK Maxx.

Anyway, I hope there’s something there that will make your life easier!

Remember this is for one day only.

All the best


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