Three Handy New Video Guides + A Bonus From Me Sent on 01 December 2021 by Michael Forrest

I finished four videos this week. Three are about Shoot and the last one is about something else I’ve been working on.

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Video 1 / Ecamm Live: iPhone Camera Mic Audio over USB, HDMI or AirPlay

This feels like an unfriendly video thumbnail but it also gets the idea across really clearly… What do you think?

With Shoot Pro you can use your device audio in your live streams. Here’s a video showing how to do it with Ecamm Live.

Also, if you’re connecting to anything with HDMI then it will always be easy to use.

Watch The Video 🎙

Video 2 / How To Warm Up or Cool Down Your Camera Image With Shoot

Shoot has a temperature-based manual white balance control. That means you can shift between cool blue and warm orange hues with the turn of a dial.

Watch The Video ❄️🔥

Video 3 / Ecamm Live: Easy Virtual Whiteboard

Another Shoot Pro feature is the ability to draw on your video image. Here’s how easy it is to use.

Watch The Video ✏️

Bonus Video! Secrets of my Live Music Streaming Rig

Last week I mentioned I’d been working on my live stream rig for my Twitch channel (follow to catch me when I next go live).

Here’s a video where I step through each part of the rig with the help of Decepticon leader Megatron. It’s technical but if you enjoyed my interview with Paul then it should be right up your alley.

Watch The Video 🎛 🎹 🎧 🕺

What’s Next?

I have emails in my inbox from various Shoot users requesting different new features for the app. I’ve been thinking that I’d enjoy working on these features out in the open on Twitch or YouTube live streams. I don’t have a polling system on Squares TV yet but once I do I’ll send out an email seeing which ideas are most popular and who is likely to join me when I work on them. I just really like the idea of getting you into one of my live chats.

Do you have any thoughts on this? Let me know if there’s something new you’d like (or have something that causes you minor annoyances that I could improve upon).

All the best


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