Using Shoot with Ecamm Live Last Updated 10 March 2023 by Michael Forrest

Here’s how to use Shoot Pro Webcam with live streaming and video production app Ecamm Live for Mac.

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Shoot works very well with Ecamm. Here are some guides to get started, or you can check out the user manual.

USB Connection

Simply connect your phone to your Mac with a USB cable and it will show up as a camera source in Ecamm

AirPlay Connection

With AirServer you can mirror your screen to your Mac.

AirServer shows up in Ecamm like any other camera.

HDMI Connection

If you have an Atem Mini or other hardware interface, you can connect Shoot by using a HDMI Adapter.

Apple TV

If you have an Apple TV, you could connect Shoot wirelessly over AirPlay to the Apple TV and plug the Apple TV‘s HDMI output into your TV, Atem Mini, or any other HDMI interface.

Video Guides

Plan and run your streams and videos with Beat Sheet for Ecamm Live

I have a Mac app called Beat Sheet that lets you plan and run your shows. Create a list of segments, each of which can trigger a scene in Ecamm. It works as a teleprompter either through a companion iOS app or on a display connected to your computer. It even works with your Stream Deck!

Learn More about Beat Sheet

When Michael Met Adrian

Adrian Salisbury runs Ecamm Academy and features prominently on Ecamm’s website. In late 2021 I went on a live stream to talk all about it!

How DJ Dakeyne uses Shoot with Ecamm Live for his Twitch streams

More about DJ Dakeyne’s Rig →

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